Welcome back Wanderer! As it often appears, while collecting and analyzing more data, more and more ideas comes to our mind. This article is inspired by two graphs i published on Twitter recently. Let me paste the original graphs below. I analyzed day-by-day (or even hour-by-hour) performance of chosen 4 of top pro ladder players during the preceeding season (Season of the Wolf, Masters 3).

While ‘All Season Performance’ graph is pretty cute, let’s concentrate on the second one (number of games in time). There is lot of information inside if you look closely. For example the flat segments of the graph tells about the only moments when player X did not jam Gwent. Knowing that, you could try to imagine how intense the season was; players barely slept and jammed intensively, often in 24h sessions.

The idea i came across though is linked with the slope of the gameplaying sessions. The steeper the slope, the faster is the player and ‘wastes’ less time in-between games. Combining all the slopes it is possible to estimate average time per game for every player, proven the  games vs time sample is statistically significant.

So, who’s the fastest jammer in the Gwent West?

Assumptions and details

Identifying a game playing session is always arbitrary given the data shown above. Moreover, players have various approaches, sometimes looking back into just finished game, sometimes tuning deck used etc. Obviously it could not be decoupled from raw playtime, and the reader should be aware of this contribution.

We assumed that a session consists of at least 3 games/hour – if there are less, the slice of data is neglected. Also at least 10 sessions are needed for statistical signifacance. Then all the games and session times are added. Last step is dividing total number of games by total time of all sessions. This way we obtain a quantity with roughly resembles average time of a single game.

Data for Top64 Pro Ladder players with public profiles is presented here. For more players (~650 players with public profiles from the top) you could have a look at the attached spreadsheet.

Fastest Jammers


According to analysis, DragonBL17 was the fastest jammer in Top64 of Pro Ladder, with 10m 24s average Jam speed. Second place was took by Ch.ase (Author: personally i did not acknowledge these players as very fast, so keep an eye on these sleepers…). Next places were took by players typically associated with speed play. Main Gwent streamer SpyroZA took third place. Very probable that not only fast play, but also disciplined, regular schedule helped to achieve 11m 29s Jam speed. Kams134 (aka. Brother Jams himself) came out 4th, not far behind Spyro.

Deep Thinkers


Iluxa228 (BigKukuRUzina) was the most considerate player amongst Top64, taking on average 15m 17s per game. The ‘Russian Kolemoen’ nickname seems to be in place (original Kolemoen jam speed was 15m 8s, but he didn’t make Top64 this time). Third place is no surprise: Green-Knight is one of the most analytical players around, deep into the game and trying to plan ahead. I have no idea what i’m doing on 2nd place. Am i really roping so hard, or just ‘wasting’ time between games? 🤔


Thanks for reading!

Your feedback is always very welcomed. If you’d like to make your own ‘Jam speed’ analysis, feel free to use provided spreadsheet.

Written by: lerio2