Revisiting Gwent Qualifiers Probabilities

Introduction Welcome Wanderer!   Five months have elapsed since ‘A Geek Guide to Match&Tourneys Probabilities‘ article has been released. Since then we have witnessed two small changes in Gwent Masters Qualifiers format. First one was increasing the number of players in Day2 of Top64 qualifier from 8 to 16. The second one is very recent […]

Gwent: A Geek Guide to Match&Tourneys Probabilities

Abstract In this article we would try to assess the probabilities of win of best-of-N matches in Gwent, as well as whole tournaments. Starting from some basic assumptions, we will finally arrive at probabilities of qualifying to Open via Top64 and Top16 Qualifiers. Introduction If you have ever played in a Gwent tournament, probably you […]

Feedback on Gwent Qualifiers

Introduction Due to top players feedback, following update to Top16 and Top64 qualifiers in Gwent were announced: Regulated coinflip will be back Regulated coinflip would be possible due to return to predetermined coinflip result in friendly matches. The person who sends the invitation will always start the game (blue coin). In Bo3 and Bo5 matches […]