Rework ideas for (some) leader abilities

Introduction We have a lot of interesting leader abilities, and new abilities show how well leaders and their archetypes can be fleshed out. When you look at Uprising, you see an inspiration engine deck, Overwhelming is great support for consume etc. The problem is that some of the leader abilities lack faction synergy and don’t […]

A guide into the new leader abilities in Gwent (Patch 6.1)

Introduction Patch 6.1 introduced 6 new leader abilities to Gwent, one for each faction. Monsters: Overwhelming Hunger Nilfgaard: Imposter Northern Realms: Uprising Scoia’tael: Mahakam Forge Skellige: Blaze of Glory Syndicate: Hidden Cache We will analyze each of the new leader abilities in the common “Alphabet…” cycle style, providing strategy guide, provisional leader ratings and example […]

The Alphabet of Factions and Leaders: SYNDICATE

Mechanics Overview Due to its uniqueness, Syndicate is by far the richest faction in terms of mechanics in Gwent . Coins The most characteristic feature of Syndicate is operating with coins, which gives additional flexibility and carryover possibilities, while usually lowering consistency due to spending issues.  Coins are a kind of external resource, that may […]

The Alphabet of Factions and Leaders: NORTHERN REALMS

Mechanics Overview Boost and Inspiration                 Boosting means increasing the power of a unit during the game, and Inspiration is a special NR cards tag, which often enables stronger abilities if the unit is boosted above basic power. Northern Realms have one leader ability (Royal Inspiration) directly coupled with this mechanic. The archetype making use […]

The Alphabet of Factions and Leaders: MONSTERS

Mechanics Overview Thrive Thrive is the most basic Monsters mechanic. Units with the Thrive will boost by 1 every time a unit with higher strength is played on the player’s side of the board. While Thrive is perceived as omnipresent in Monsters decks, in fact there are only 6 bronzes (Nekker, Bruxa, Nekker Warrior, Endrega […]