The Alphabet of Factions and Leaders: SYNDICATE

Mechanics Overview Due to its uniqueness, Syndicate is by far the richest faction in terms of mechanics in Gwent . Coins The most characteristic feature of Syndicate is operating with coins, which gives additional flexibility and carryover possibilities, while usually lowering consistency due to spending issues.  Coins are a kind of external resource, that may […]

The Alphabet of Factions and Leaders: NILFGAARD

Mechanics Overview Assimilate Assimilate is original Nilfgaard mechanic in Gwent. Whenever you play a card that is not from your starting decks, unit with Assimilate tag gets boosted. There are 4 bronze Assimilate engines and 3 golds: Bronzes: Ard Feiann Heavy Cavalry, Ducal Guard, Slave Hunter, Imperial Diviner Golds: Glynnis aep Loernach, Van Moorlehem Cupbearer, […]

The Alphabet of Factions and Leaders: MONSTERS

Mechanics Overview Thrive Thrive is the most basic Monsters mechanic. Units with the Thrive will boost by 1 every time a unit with higher strength is played on the player’s side of the board. While Thrive is perceived as omnipresent in Monsters decks, in fact there are only 6 bronzes (Nekker, Bruxa, Nekker Warrior, Endrega […]