Season of the Wild Hunt:
Ultimate Stats Summary


Welcome back Wanderer! We have the pleasure to present to you the Ultimate Stats Summary for the Season of the Wild Hunt in Gwent, just as we did in the preceeding Season of Mahakam. By ‘Ultimate’ we mean combining Factions, Players and Nations statistics in one place. Accordingly, the article is divided into three main chapters.



Faction stats have been collected from public profiles right after the season ended. Presented data includes factions Popularity, Winrates, Pick rates and Provisional average fMMRs. The sample is restricted to Pro Ladder players. Except for Popularity (Top2860 players in the Season of the Wild Hunt), the sample consisted of Top500 players from the preceeding season. The reason for reducing sample size is to eliminate impact of Ranked Ladder games. Faction MMRs are obviously unaccessible via web-scraping; we use provisional fMMR based on wins-losses instead.



Players stats make use only of data scrapped from Gwent Masters Ratings website. We measure Pro Ladder scores in term of Efficiency by specially defined Ladder Efficiency Index (LEI). The LEI index is simply defined as excess MMR (above 9600) divided by the square root of number of games. Original article in which we introduced and presented LEI ratings for the first time could be find here. Seasonal scores are juxtaposed with all-time Masters 2 achievements.



National stats have been prepared in the form known from previous ‘Nations of Gwent’  vol.1 and vol. 2 articles. It is limited to Top2860 positions of Pro Ladder and consists of Highest Number of Players Top10 Chart and Best 4 Players Average MMR Top10 chart.

Faction Stats


The Season of the Wild Hunt started with Way of the Witcher (WotW) expansion. This lead to new meta and big changes in faction popularities. Nilfgaard gained new possibilities as well as some buffs to old cards, like Braathens, Alba Armored Cavalry, or indirectly Angoulême. The apparent sentiment towards the black faction got released, and the playrate increased by no less than +14.1% with respect to preceeding season! (Season of the Mahakam). While NG popularity grows twice,  Syndicate is at the opposite pole, with popularity decimated by half -5.6%. The WotW expansion didn’t lead to significant changes amongst popularities of other factions. The 8.5% advantage of NG above the second most popular faction (Skellige) is the highest in ‘stats summary’ records.


By a ‘picked’ faction we simply mean Top4 faction of a given player with respect to fMMR. Skellige remains the most solid faction. Second is Scoia’tael, with a variety of builds, most often focused around new movement cards. Compared with the preceeding season, pick rates and positions of these two did not change at all. Just 1% below ST was Nilfgaard, reclaiming +40% of pick rate in an Imperial style. Contrary to common beliefs (Viy…), Monsters pick rate slightly dropped. Same happened to Northern Realms in spite of Iluxa’s highscore with NR Witchers and great popularity of the deck in the last days of the season. Syndicate pick rate is very sad. 19% means that this faction seen almost no play at competitive level, being chosen roughly 3.5x less often than in the case of random choice of Top4 factions.


While picked very often, Nilfgaard wasn’t the most successful faction in terms of winrate. Stats lie a bit there though, because of great share of mirror NG matches on ladder (mirror correction is not applied in winrates). Monsters placed right behind Skellige, while being only the 4th most picked faction. This could be attributed to rather linear character of  Viy decks, successful on average, but not appealing to play. Northern Realms proven to be quite strong in spite of low popularity/pick rate. Syndicate came out as not only the least popular, but also the weakest of all factions.


Preceeding season y-scale was used only to demonstrate how fMMR got inflated by prolonged season and probably the biggest number of players on Pro Ladder (22k+). As stated in the previous paragraph, low Nilfgaard winrate is a lie. Here we can see that in fact it was along with Skellige (Lippy, Warriors) the most popular faction at the highest ratings.

Player Stats (Efficiency)

Top10 Leaderboard

Top10 leaderboard could be found on Gwent Masters Ratings website, but we always start from this chart to appreciate best season MMR scores. For the meaning of efficiency index LEI i refer you once again to the original article. Season was non-competitive (such seasons would be denoted with * in the all-time charts)


Bart abdicated in the Season of the Wild Hunt and claimed 3rd place. The season winning battle took place the very last day, and Danirai (1st) got the upper hand against Nik_r (2nd). Congratulations to both of them for a quality competition! Final profile scores of Danirai could be found on his Twitter, while Nik’s are presented on picture below.

Top10 Efficiency (LEI)

Below we present the Top10 chart of players with the highest LEI in the Season of the Wild Hunt.


Iluxa228 (BigKukuRUzina35) achieved the most efficient score on Pro Ladder, claiming all time single faction MMR record. His NR Witchers deck peaked on 2782 fMMR. Season winner Danirai had second LEI score. Russians dominated LEI chart, with Ryazanov13 and Darer71 taking 3rd and 4th position. Below a proof of Iluxa highscore (unfortunately both the exact peak moment and season final profile pictures were unavailable).

Masters 2 Highscores

Danirai and Nik_r achieved Top10 MMR Highscores results. As the table seems to be crowded with off-season scores now, you may also like to have a look at the competitive seasons only table here.


Nobody achieved Top 10 LEI Highscores result.


Top 10 Charts


No big changes with respect to the last season. The number of Russian players dropped slightly, while China grew by a pinch. Poland, Ukraine, United States and Germany remain steady; only the number of Ukrainian players decreased a bit, but not enough to change the order. Great Britain witnessed big relative growth, from ~50 to ~100 players and moved from 10th to 7th position. Italy also had a decent growth. Korean Republic and Belarus are newcomers, pushing out Spain and Japan.


Last season y-scale is left to demonstrate MMR inflation. In spite of having Top1 and Top3 player, Poland got surpassed by Russia. An eye-catcher with respect to last season is 4th position of Italy and Canada reaching Top10.


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Written by: lerio2