Season of the Mahakam:
Ultimate Stats Summary


Welcome back Wanderer! We have the pleasure to present to you the Ultimate Stats Summary for the Season of the Mahakam in Gwent, just as we did in the preceeding Season of the Cat. By ‘Ultimate’ we mean combining Factions, Players and Nations statistics in one place. Accordingly, the article is divided into three main chapters.


Faction stats have been collected from public profiles right after the season ended. Presented data includes factions Popularity, Winrates, Pick rates and Provisional average fMMRs. The sample is restricted to Pro Ladder players. Except for Popularity (Top2860 players in the Season of the Mahakam), the sample consisted of Top500 players from the preceeding season. The reason for reducing sample size is to eliminate impact of Ranked Ladder games. Faction MMRs are obviously unaccessible via web-scraping; we use provisional fMMR based on wins-losses instead.


Players stats make use only of data scrapped from Gwent Masters Ratings website. We measure Pro Ladder scores in term of Efficiency by specially defined Ladder Efficiency Index (LEI). The LEI index is simply defined as excess MMR (above 9600) divided by the square root of number of games. Original article in which we introduced and presented LEI ratings for the first time could be find here. Seasonal scores are juxtaposed with all-time Masters 2 achievements.


National stats have been prepared in the form known from previous ‘Nations of Gwent’  vol.1 and vol. 2 articles. It is limited to Top2860 positions of Pro Ladder and consists of Highest Number of Players Top10 Chart and Best 4 Players Average MMR Top10 chart.

Faction Stats


No significant changes with respect to last season are observed (Season of the Cat). Three factions: Skellige, Scoia’tael and Monsters are highly popular (~20%), while Nilfgaard and Northern Realms are less fashionable, and Syndicate still barely exceeds 10% playrate. The biggest change with respect to last season is (+1.4%) increase in Nilfgaard popularity, with Mya-Mon’s Enslave 5 and Lockdown Devotion Ball being probably the most popular builds.


By a ‘picked’ faction we simply mean Top4 faction of a given player with respect to fMMR. Skellige regains its throne of the most popular and most often picked faction. The main differences with respect to last season are however drop of Monsters pick rate and slight raise of Nilfgaard. In such circumstances, Scoia’tael became second most often picked faction.



It is pretty interesting to see how in a stale meta (no balance patch and very long season) faction winrates could change dependent on ladder fashion. Monsters were not the most successful faction anymore 56.5% (-1.3%). Nilfgaard winrate improved by a lot, but not enough to catch up distance to other factions 53.8% (+1.5%). Northern Realms winrate slightly plunged, which could be explained by increase of Nilfgaard and Skellige popularity 56.7%. These factions had better matchup than Overwhelming Hunger Monsters, which defined preceeding season. Skellige took a solid lead in terms of winrate, with advantage a bit higher than Monsters last season 57.8% (+1.1%). Scoia’tael catched up some distance to Top4 factions, the reason maybe being increase in popularity of the new Devotion Precision Strike deck from Team Kreve 56.0%. Finally, Syndicate kept doing very well in spite of permanently low popularity 56.6%

Why is Scoia’tael suddenly 2nd in the picture above? The explanation is as follows. If a faction is pleasant to play, its total winrate is lowered by games played non-competitively. On the other hand, when the same faction is picked as Top4, the winrate is higher and high popularity guarantees that the number of games is sufficient to achieve good score.

Player Stats (Efficiency)

Top10 Leaderboard

Top10 leaderboard could be found on Gwent Masters Ratings website, but we always start from this chart to appreciate best season MMR scores. For the meaning of efficiency index LEI i refer you once again to the original article. Season was non-competitive (such seasons would be denoted with * in the all-time charts)


Bart continues his reign as The King of Offseason.

Top10 Efficiency (LEI)

Below we present Top10 chart of players with highest LEI in the Season of the Mahakam.


In the absence of many players, lerio2 seized the opportunity to go for a big and efficient score. Second place was taken by a newcomer LateNightHer0 with impressive score and only 0.3 LEI gap to the top position. Saber97 did not disappoint again, reaching very efficient score in spite of Gwent Masters Finals preparation. JevMart claimed Top500 position in 122 games and took 4th place.

Masters 2 Highscores

Bart and lerio achieved Top10 MMR Highscores results. As the table seems to be crowded with off-season scores now, you may also like to have a look at the competitive seasons only table here.


Nobody achieved Top 10 LEI Highscores result, but we put it here for reference after a long break.



Top 10 Charts


Russian conquest of Gwent seems to be real. There was godly number of 777 Russian players in Top2860 of Pro Ladder, which translates to 27% of all players. Русские вперёд! Number of Polish players dropped a bit, while Ukrainians keep growing in number.


Top1 nation in this chart couldn’t be different when Bart plays. Poland established domination during off-season.

Closure and Source Files

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Data scrapped from Gwent Masters Ratings (with LEI’s) is available in the form of Google Doc here.


Written by: lerio2