Season of the Griffin: Afterseason Faction Stats


The Season of the Griffin in Gwent has ended – let’s explore afterseason factions popularity and performance and see if something changed since the Midseason Stats publication. Comments will be very short and refering mostly to changes with respect to midseason stats.


The data was acquired on the last day of the season (4th August), in an hour after the finish.


  • Popularity stats –  data from public profiles of Top2000 Pro Ladder players.
  • Pick and performance stats – players from Top500 season before, who are in Top2000 of Pro Ladder in the Season of the Griffin. The size of the sample is equal to 335 players.

Faction ratings (fMMRs) are estimated using secret recipe, which proved to be accurate enough. Should not be confused with peak fMMRs.



Since the midseason, Scoia’tael (-1.1%) and Syndicate (-0.9%) got even less popular.


In comparison with the midseason faction pick rates, the main qualitative change is full acknowledging Monsters as Top4 faction with Nilfgaard and Northern Realms. While in the midseason stats MO pick rate was slightly lower than NG and NR, now all these three factions seems to be on equal footing.



Again, the main qualitative difference is improvement of Monsters performance, probably due to rise in popularity of Fruits of Ysgith Ethereal deck. Being linear and relatively easy to play, Monsters managed to catch up Nilfgaard in terms of average performance.


Thanks to late season climbing, high fmmr region is much richer and more detailed than in midseason stats. A peak of Monsters abundance in the 2550 fMMR region is a new feature. Clearly Ethereal Gernie boom is responsible here. On the other hand, at very high fMMRs, Nilfgaard seems to be the second faction. It could be attributed to relatively good matchup against Skellige, while Monsters could have struggled against cards like Greatswords, Hemdall and Wild Boar of the Sea. Scoia’tael and especially Syndicate proven to be out of competitive play in the season of the Griffin.


Thanks for reading! Next topic would be players scores and efficiency during the Season of the Griffin as well as the whole Gwent Masters 2 cycle. Stay tuned!


Written by: lerio2


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