Season of the Dryad:
Ultimate Stats Summary


Welcome back Wanderer! We are very glad to present to you Ultimate Stats Summary for the Season of the Dryad in Gwent, just as we did in the preceeding Season of the Draconid. By ‘Ultimate’ we mean combining Factions, Players and Nations statistics in one place. Accordingly, the article is divided into three main chapters.


Faction stats have been collected from public profiles right after the season ended. Presented data includes factions Popularity, Winrates, Pick rates and Provisional average fMMRs. The sample is restricted to Pro Ladder players. Except for Popularity (Top2000 players in the Season of the Dryad), the sample consisted of Top500 players from the preceeding season. The reason for reducing sample size is to eliminate impact of Ranked Ladder games. Faction MMRs are obviously unaccessible via web-scraping; we use provisional fMMR based on wins-losses instead.


Players stats make use only of data scrapped from Gwent Masters Ratings website. We measure Pro Ladder scores in term of Efficiency by specially defined Ladder Efficiency Index (LEI). The LEI index is simply defined as excess MMR (above 9600) divided by the square root of number of games. Original article in which we introduced and presented LEI ratings for the first time could be find here. Seasonal scores are juxtaposed with all-time Masters 2 achievements.


National stats have been prepared in the form known from previous ‘Nations of Gwent’  vol.1 and vol. 2 articles. It is limited to Top2860 positions of Pro Ladder and consists of Gwent World Map, Highest Number of Players Top10 Chart and Best 4 Players Average MMR Top10 chart.

Faction Stats


For the very first time since i started to gather faction stats Nilfgaard does not top popularity chart. Instead Nilfgaard occupies second-to-last position (-4.8% with respect to last season). The reason for popularity drop are nerfs to cards like Vincent van Moorlehem or Braathens. The effect on NG winrate will be clearly demonstrated in the next charts. Syndicate is still the least popular faction and its popularity even dropped (-2.6%). This plunge could hardly be explained on gameplay grounds – Syndicate had two perfectly playable decks: Hidden Cache Passiflora and Congregate Fireswarm.


Monsters popularity dropped slightly (-2.6%). Magpie’s Keltullis deck boom in the second part of the season was not enough to carry.  Lack of measures against Shieldwall NR made this faction slightly less popular, while the main deck remained Overwhelming Hunger Haunt.


The main feature of the chart however is massive increase in Scoia’tael popularity (+8.1%). Indeed, this faction was very interesting to play with new ability Nature’s Gift joining Precision Strike as the meta choice. Scoia’tael tops popularity statistics in accordance with the season’s name.


By a ‘picked’ faction we simply mean Top4 faction for a given player with respect to fMMR. Skellige was even more dominant pick than last season, chosen by above 95% of players. Northern Realms took second place again with almost identical pick rate as last season. Scoia’tael proven to be both popular and viable, with above 70% of picks. Monsters were also a decent pick, especially considering popularity drop. Syndicate ~50% pick rate has to be attributed to very low popularity. Nilfgaard must have been disastrous experience for many, getting into Top4 factions only for 33% of players.


YEP, Skellige exceeds 60% winrate on average amongst preceeding season Top500 players. It is almost +2% increase in winrate with respect to last season.


Disastrous indeed. Skellige is absolutely dominant. Used scale could be a bit deceiving while comparing with the last season (Draconid), but the advantage of Skellige is objectively bigger, at the expense of all other factions except for Scoia’tael. Nilfgaard stands out as the least successful faction, losing 20 MMR on average with respect to last season. Comparison with ‘winrate’ graph shows that Syndicate was simply not played enough to reach high fMMR in spite of 3rd winrate.


Skellige superiority once again influenced matchmaking, with highest scores being possible only with teched or good matchup decks. At opposite pole was Nilfgaard, completely irrelevant for deckbuilding considerations.

Player Stats (Efficiency)

Top10 Leaderboard

Top10 leaderboard could be found on Gwent Masters Ratings website, but we always start from this chart to appreciate best season MMR scores. For the meaning of efficiency index LEI i refer you once again to the original article.


The total MMR score of Bart933 was clearly outstanding. Saber97 was firm runner-up. The third place was took by Pajabol and Xiwer was not too far from Top3 position. MMR scores were pretty high this season and we will compare it with Masters 2 highscores soon. Bart933 was kind enough to share profile picture with us.


Top 10 Efficiency (LEI)

Below we present Top10 chart of players with highest LEI in the Season of the Dryad.


Compared with preceeding season LEI’s were not particularly impressive. Very probably it is even better indicator of competitive season than total MMRs. Kolemoen did not disappoint. Saber97 improved both MMR and LEI’s since last season, finally reaching ‘excellent’ perk. Iluxa228 launched late-season placements and proven efficient laddering rules. I also had him close enough to ask for profile picture.


Masters 2 Highscores



Gwent World Map

How popular Gwent is over the world? (Number of players in Top2860 of Pro Ladder)

Top 10 Charts


Popularity graph remains constant – exact same countries, order and proportion, except for Spain overcoming Republic of Korea.


That’s what last month of holidays before uni does to Polish players… China and Russia went backseat mode. Japan took 2nd place leaded by always playing a lot and performing well Mya-mon and 高尾山. Also 4th position of Spain brings attention.

Closure and Source Files

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this stats summary article in the ULTIMATE form. I’d also like to hear to as much feedback from you as possible – do not hesitate to comment or even hit me up on Discord!

Data scrapped from Gwent Masters Ratings (with LEI’s) is available in the form of Google Doc here.


Written by: lerio2