Manila Masters
  • Petr
  • Current Team Gwent Team
  • Player Age 27
  • Ingame Role CONTENT

Player Bio

I have been playing the standalone Gwent since the launch of the Open beta in May 2017. Funny thing is that I had never played any kind of CCG before. I just got to the stage when I had read every witcher book and played every witcher game and I still wanted more. What a weird decision by someone who didn't even play Gwent in Witcher 3... And yet the correct one, I believe. Now, 3 years and thousands of the games later I can still say that I mostly enjoy the game. There are many reasons for that 1) I believe we have great Gwent community around (especially on twitch but also on many pro team discords - feel free to join our Legacy one), 2) I have started to play more community tournaments (which I always dreamed about) and 3) I started occasionally streaming my ladder experience. When I look back on my so far short tournament career (started April 2020), I have managed to win Czech-Slovak community league called Karbanec and I have finished 2nd in the Group Stage of GwentLeague Season 10. My goal for the future is to win GwentLeague one day (with Santtu2x in the finals). Anyways, you are warmly welcomed to my twitch channel at - I usually stream around 20:00 CEST. In case I was off-line during this hour, you will very likely find me somewhere around on twitch spreading some jokes and memes in chat.