Manila Masters
  • Michał
  • Current Team Gwent Team
  • Player Age 22

Player Bio

I'm 22 years old economics student from Poland. I'm mostly known from open beta days, when i used to achieve high spots on regular ladder. I enjoy building and playing unique decks on pro rank, so i often have hidden impact on meta. I was original creator of the most iconic deck in gwent history - Crach Greatswords. I finished first place with it during february 2018 season, so if u enjoyed eight months with idiots and boats - you're welcome. I joined team Legacy after i finished second place in Thanedd coup LAN event hosted by CDPR and Team Aretuza. After that i started compete in community tournaments and i had decent success. I didn’t tryhard ladder in homecoming, but since season 2 just started this may change as well, so my goals will be top 16 spots and qualifying for official gwent tournaments. Besides Gwent i love playing poker casually with friends. I also used to work out and be more active person, but unfortunately due leg injury it's no longer a case.