Manila Masters
  • Lars
  • Current Team MtG: Arena Team
  • Player Age 38

Player Bio

Hi, I'm Lars. I'm 38, father of two and a cybersecurity professional by day. I live just outside Copenhagen, Denmark with my wife, kids and rabbit. I've played CCGs and strategy games since forever - I got interested in Magic i 94 and never put the cards down. I've played a ton in paper-Magic, but focussing more and more on Arena due to - well, everything. Time, Streaming and being able to put in a few solid hours after the rest of the family goes to sleep. I've played a few pro tours (Osaka, D.C and Milwaukee) and won the World Magic Cup in 2014 with Team Denmark. I dabble in HS, Eternal, TfT, Civ to mix it up a bit. And apparently alone with my love for pineapple pizza :)