Manila Masters
  • Daniel Sadowski Matthias
  • Current Team Gwent Team
  • Player Age 17

Player Bio

My name is Daniel, i’m a Seventeen year old kiddo from Poland. My journey with the game started somewhere when Beta was coming to an end. Ever since Homecoming got released i played almost everyday to close the gap between me and the people i looked up to. Also I had no prior experience with Card Games, but i quickly realised Gwent is the perfect game for someone like me, so i committed to it. Apart from lots of effort put into becoming better i was always lucky at the right time. In my first tournament ever i got beaten up by someone i can call my friend ever since, he helped me massively with introducing me to the tournament scene. Thanks to his help i quickly made a name for myself, shocking lots of people (and myself) on day one of TLG’s Battle Royale II. That opened me the doors to Legacy, a team i’ve been a part of since July 2019 when it was just getting started. Now i’m focusing on becoming better and working on myself. My ultimate goal is playing on World Masters’ stage and winning it. Woulda laugh at myself too if i said it a year ago, but now i’m hopeful it will become reality. I’d call myself the Robin Hood of Gwent, taking MMR’s and spots from better players, but losing to people i underestimate. When not playing our favourite Card Game i’m attending High School on Graphic Designer profile. My other interests are Table Tennis and Asian Culture, Asian on the inside. I used to have more interests before discovering this game. Gwent is the best i’ve ever been in something though, so i’m not sad about it.