Welcome to Legacy’s second Legends of Runeterra article.

The game came out of beta a week ago, and there are many changes in the current “meta” with all the new deck combination possibilities. Since there is such abundance with new deck combination possibilities, there is no “fully defined meta” right now. There are many new unique deck lists going on around the ranked ladder and tournaments. The new cards made players make complete new sets of decks, as well as improve the previously played decks.

This article will include decks that we recommend to rank up in the ranked ladder, as well as key-point information on how to play the decks provided with a video by our master-tier player Annie_Desu. You can watch Annie_Desu live at http://www.twitch.tv/Annie_Desu



This bannerman deck works really well against almost any match-up. It is a mid range deck that plays on curve (you play units with the mana that you have every turn), and out-values the opponent by getting strong board presence. Get value from the strong stats of your units, your units surviving defensive/offensive turns, and turn the game in your favor by rallying – attacking again with using a leveled up Garen/Citrus Courier.



Jinx Draven Aggro
Aggro/burn decks are usually the best thing to play to try to climb fast in ladder, since the matches with playing an aggressive deck tend to be really fast. The new card “Imperial Demolitionist” really is changing the current aggro strength/play ability. This deck is a combination of full-aggro and a burn deck. Get units to play for turn 1/2/3 and play Rummage + Augmented Experimenter to discard Spinning Axes/Flame Chompers/Vision to draw more cards or play Jinx when you know you can discard your hand with Jinx surviving the turn to finish the game.



Sejuani Combo
This deck has a really low mana-curve (it includes 17 2-mana cards). The objective of the deck is to combo your cards together to get buffed units and win with overwhelm. Buff your units with Omen Hawk/Starlit Seer/Shared Spoils, get damage to the opponent’s Nexus and get an extra mana crystal with Wolfrider. Steal your opponents cards to give you more options. Double the stats of your units in the deck with The Tuskraider, and finish the game with a 10+/12+ Sejuani.



Nautilus Maokai
This deck is a Nautilus-centered deck, which is more control focused. Maokai is just a one-off “extra” side-win condition. Same as the other Nautilus decks where you discard cards and win by “going deep” and getting huge units late game.



They Who Endure
Classic they who endure deck from before, just with an added Blighted Caretaker, since the card can give 3 extra units that die and feed they who endure to be even stronger. Maokai is a one-off that can potentially be flipped in late game or just acts as another body that can summon extra saplings. Rhasa feels like a strong and under-valued unit that really helps this deck out.