We are happy to announce the Fall season of LGL – Gwent. Although not all details are completely ironed out we wanted to bring awareness to the event, so we are going to tell you everything that we DO know.

When: The league does not have an exact start date, however we know that it will begin in September after Challenger #5. The league will be 8 weeks long, 2 matches a week. The matches will be apart of 2 separate 6 rounds of swiss. Out of the 8 weeks 6 of them will be regular season and the last 2 weeks will playoffs. Matches will not have a hard date to be played. You will have a time period in which you have to reach out to your opponent and decide on what time works best for you.

Prize Pool: The prize pool will be $200. At the current moment we do not know how we are going to divide the prize pool up, but that will be figured out before we ask players to register.

Broadcast: We plan on having a broadcast for the league. Each week we wish to highlight a couple of matches will then be broadcast on Twitch and Youtube. We will be asking players to record matches. If players can’t record matches they can still participate in the league. We just ask that the players that can record their games, do so.

The rules and registration will be coming out some time later this week.