First off before we begin let me say welcome to the team and family! Let’s get a small intro of who you are and why you joined the team?

Hello! I’m Gabby. I’m known for sipping cocktails, spitting archaeology facts, and my obnoxious Canadian accent (really sorry aboot that). I’ve recently become obsessed with Gwent and all things Witcher. I’m very thankful to be rubbing virtual shoulders with some of the top players of Gwent and hoping through osmosis I’ll gain a fraction of their skills.


What made you start playing Gwent and what keeps you playing to this day?

NotRasheed had been bullying me for months to try Gwent before I eventually gave it a shot (thanks Rasheed!) Between the artwork, the lore and the game mechanics it’s definitely been a package deal. The community has been excellent and mostly patient with my misplays and roping, so it’s been a great environment to learn something new. 


Where did the name GabbyDigs come from? I have seen the “starting soon” I believe show it off but the name has to have a story behind it right?


It started as a blog I kept while doing archaeological field work but I liked that it was general enough to work for whatever my current obsession is.


Where do you see yourselves in two years on Twitch, What is the goal for your channel?

Two years ago I never would have thought I’d be streaming at all, so it’s hard to say! I started the channel at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to hang out with friends and the channel has evolved so much since then. My favourite part of streaming is bumbling through new games so as long as I get to keep doing that I’m happy.


Do you have any favorite cards/combos you like to pull off and get that feeling of it never gets old to you?

Playing the dual cast seasonal and creating T H I C C  G O R D is always incredibly satisfying.


How was Thronebreaker? You beat it from beginning to end and did you find all the premiums from it?

Thronebreaker was incredible. For a puzzle-based Gwent game, they did an exceptional job of making you care about Meve and her story. I might be a little biased against NG because of it (and still feeling betrayed by the Elves, to be honest).


If you could live in the Witcherverse who would you be and why? You could be any person from a famous character that we all know or a simple person that left an impression on you from the games/books.

It’s hard to pick. There are so many strong women but they’ve gone through extremely rough lives to get there. Dryads live a long time, I could be a no-name Dryad just hanging out with my tree and pet squirrel.


Have you ever watched the Witcher Netflix series and what were your opinions on it if you have?

I’ve been consuming ALL the Witcher media recently, show included. Ciri was badass and I am extra hyped for more of her after watching the season 2 teaser. I was also stoked for the episode in Brokilon forest.


You said you played D&D or Dungeons and Dragons tell us what that is like. I personally have never played it but it does look interesting to me and from with the Witcher board game coming out soon that is being funded on Kickstarter. It almost looks like that to me but with the characters from that series. What is your opinion on the game and do they look similar?

The Witcher: Old World looks pretty incredible. Those miniatures are dope. I’m a huge fan of card drafting so I’m interested to see how that plays out.

I think what’s cool about D&D is you can play it in so many ways, it’s more a set of suggested rules than anything else. I play it like I play most of my video games: heavy armour + dope sword.

They definitely have one thing in common, which is let the bard do the talking.


What are your initial impressions of the new cards from Price of Power first set?


The artwork has been incredible and it’s been exciting to see the new abilities in action. I am curious to see how the next couple sets will integrate and hopefully we’ll see more ST Frannie action.


Do you have any advice for new players that you feel you wish you knew back when you started?


Take a month off work to completely immerse yourself.


I’m curious to know do you have any exciting ideas to share for some decks you want our readers to play or even meme with on ladder?


Last season I made a silly cow deck with the goal of seeing how many cows I could spawn in a single round. Imagine my delight when I heard of the Germain buff! We’re still working on the “win the match” part, however…


Do you plan on making YT content or even dare we say writing articles for the team in the future?


Video editing isn’t my strong suit but given enough time I’d be happy to dip my toes in either medium. I’m not against the idea of writing articles once I have ideas worth sharing, but I still have a lot of learning to do.


Do you play any other games besides Gwent off stream?

I love resource management games. Stardew Valley is my all-time favourite, though recently I’ve been binging a dino park tycoon game called Parkasaurus. I also love co-op hack and slashes–we’ve definitely gotten our loonies worth out of a roguelite dungeon crawler called Heroes of Hammerwatch.

Before I let you go where can you be found for those who may not have discovered you yet? Do you have any social media accounts for our readers and fans to keep updated on when you want to share something exciting?


I’m GabbyDigs on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.