First welcome to the team we are so happy to have you! Recently it was your birthday so from the team we all wish you happy birthday! Let’s get a name you would like to go by and also what made you accept our invitation to join our content creation team? 


Thank you so much! My name is Emille and I’m known as EJM__10 on Twitch because when I made my Twitch account I expected nobody to watch me for at least 6 months so I’m pleasantly surprised at how fast my Twitch channel has grown in one month. I can’t change my Twitch name yet as there’s a cooldown period but the minute I’m able to I’m going to change it to my name!


Since joining Twitch a month ago I’ve made so many friends, was able to climb to Pro rank (thanks to viewers) and have joined Team Legacy. I accepted Team Legacy’s invitation as I want to continue creating enjoyable content within the Gwent community whilst being surrounded by like minded individuals.


Let’s get some background about you and your past 2 years living in our new world of digital life for the people who still experience lockdown. How you came to playing the game of Gwent and also what keeps you playing to this day?


In a nutshell, I am the CEO & Founder of a beauty brand called Boracay Skin. Boracay Skin is range of coconut based beauty products that make you glow. Our mission as a brand is to empower people to feel confident in their own skin whilst advocating for the benefits of coconut oil.


In terms of gaming, I started playing games due to the pandemic forcing most of us to stay home for long periods of time. Prior to the pandemic I was never at home. I was a flight attendant for a few years which meant I was pretty much living out of a suitcase. I have traveled to over 28 countries for work and for my own pleasure. During my time as a flight attendant, I started my business, Boracay Skin. So I had no time for games at all. I played games as a kid but didn’t even own a single game during my adulthood.


My partner received the Witcher 3 on Playstation as a Christmas present in December 2020. I remember asking him if I could have a turn in playing for about half an hour and since that moment I haven’t put the controller down haha. Initially, I didn’t play Gwent as I was too engrossed in the story but eventually I tried it in the second playthrough. When I did more research into Gwent, I came across the standalone game and downloaded the app onto my iPhone. I played casually for a little but I didn’t start playing seriously until around March 2021. Then I climbed slowly over the next few months but it wasn’t until I started streaming on Twitch that the game went to the next level for me. Watching other streamers with their high level gameplays allowed me to learn fast. Within one week of streaming I managed to climb from rank 7 to pro. 


I love playing Gwent due to the Witcher lore, the artwork and the mechanics. Not to mention that it can be very competitive within the pro ranks and I do have a little competitive edge within me 😉


So from what I have seen you have an incredible beauty business that you started on your own and it has been featured in magazines and on TV in Australia and you gave it the name of Boracay Skin. Where did that originate from? Also when you decided to start this business, what made you take the leap to start it? 


The name Boracay Skin came about when I went on a holiday to a tropical island in the Philippines called… you guessed it – Boracay. This was back in 2009 and the locals were selling fresh coconut oil on the beach. They explained to me the benefits of coconut oil on the skin, at that time I thought it was just something you used in the kitchen.


Fast forward to 2015 when I began creating my business, I chose Boracay Skin to reflect where I discovered my obsession with coconut oil but to also pay homage to my ethnic roots (both my parents are Filipino).


I suffer from eczema and if you’ve ever experienced a long haul flight you would know that the plane cabin air is immensely dry. Being a flight attendant meant being on planes all day long and my skin was worsening.

I remembered my time in Boracay and began using coconut oil as a way to soothe my irritated skin as well as to nourish it after a long day of flying. From regular use, my skin was feeling much better. I wanted to share this with the world as I wanted others to have relief from their skin conditions using nature’s superfood gift and thus Boracay Skin was born. 


What motivates you every day. What is your why?


You only get one lifetime so I believe in making the most of every single day. I give 100% of my effort in anything I do. If I died tomorrow, I want to be able to say that I gave it my best.


So what is life like in Australia is it truly all play there because I and possibly many others see it as one of the top tourist destinations in the world! The beaches and the ocean view is probably amazing to wake up to everyday?


When people think of Australia they imagine beautiful beaches and interesting wildlife which we truly do have! I live in Melbourne which is in the south east of Australia. Although we aren’t known for our beaches our city is known for having top quality restaurants and bars as well as many cultural and sporting events. 


Having travelled around the world, I truly do love calling Australia home for all the reasons mentioned above.


What would you say are the most valuable qualities to have as a person when streaming?


This sounds cliché but when I watch other streamers I enjoy those who are themselves. Also being funny and charismatic helps!


What are you excited to see going forward with Legacy?


I’m very excited to learn from some of the top players in Gwent. Although I’m fairly new to the game, I believe I’m a fast learner and hope to climb even further to the top. It’s also great to be in a community with like minded individuals where we can bounce creative ideas off of each other. 


So you and I have had the pleasure on exchanging messages concerning the team and how to grow it and also we have a project in the works that is dear to both of us in the form of a Legacy Podcast. Would you care to explain what that will look like? 


It’s going to be a very exciting project that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into! The podcast will be combining our perspectives with you, Ezras, being an experienced Gwent player with mine being a relatively new player who is in pro rank but still learning. Mixed in with some guest appearances, business and streaming tips to general lifestyle, I think it’ll be a podcast our audience will truly enjoy.


What was working as a flight attendant like?


It was fatiguing and not as glamourous as people think but I loved the travel. No two days were ever the same and there were times when I was in Hong Kong or Bali with a 56 hour layover when I couldn’t believe I was being paid to be there in a nice 5 star hotel!


Any advice you want to share with new players who want to learn Gwent?


Gwent is a competitive card game but always remember it’s just a game and to have FUN!


Where can you be reached any and all socials? 




Boracay Skin: