KNOWING LEGACY – Baron Grimswald

First off before we begin let me say welcome to the team and family! Let’s get a small intro of who you are and why you joined the team?


Hello, and Thank you such a warm reception. I am very excited to be operating alongside such an elite group of bright young men and women.

In the Gwent Community, I am officially known as Baron_Grimswald, and more casually as Baron, Grimz, Grimmy or Grimzy LUL.

I start playing Gwent in the summer of 2020. It was during the Covid Pandemic after I had finished a year of full-time education. My bro convinced me to try it on mobile, and then I switched to PC.  During Lockdown I connected with the Community a lot, as I was introduced to Discord and Twitch, service I had never used before. I was being provided with some creative elements, but was want strong allies in a structured organization. I started looking into some of the eSports Teams in Gwent, and was quite thrilled that the team I considered to be the most elite was interested and welcoming of me.

What made you start playing Gwent and what keeps you playing to this day?


I started just to fil some time, maybe try gaming again, as I hadn’t done much for likely decade. The game was interesting, and Lore when I looked into, revealed itself to be quite deep. I look only for guides/etc, and I found community created sites as well YouTube videos. I remember enjoying mistahabblas because they mixed knowledge humour. The lockdown was very anti-social, so after I landed in Discord and Twitch, it became like a primary community in my life. And I believe this is why its holds so firmly in my life still.


So with the expansion do you believe this is the right way that Gwent should go or should we go back to bigger expansions over several months?


I very much like the idea of the 3 chapters of one grander expansion. it provides consistency in the freshness. I’m not sure waiting a month for some bug fixes (like the Gerd Adrenaline change from a previous update) is ideal, but I can understand the reasoning behind it. And I am quite pleased and appreciative of how much pride I can see some of the devs taking in producing a really great game. It is wonderful at how much they engage with their market, and shows us they are gamers at heart as well.

And now to criticize, huehuehue … I am particularly fond of many overhauls to old cards simply to keep pace with powercreep from new ones. While I don’t mind White Frost or Wild Hunt receiving a fair treatment, I don’t want the entire meta drastically changed every month, especially the ones between actual release. I thought the months between releases were to be a few small balance fixes, but it seem closer to yet another complete overhaul. Maybe too many grand reworking is what leads to the constant clearly defined meta Tier Lists that pop up for a few weeks just to get nerfed anyway. And while I understand and agree that this is how war, politics, and power struggles between conflicting factions works, as an ebb and flow or rise and fall, I think it could be much less obvious and develop more slowly


Where do you see yourselves in two years on Twitch, What is the goal for your channel?


Well currently I am reside in a rural area in quasi-remote Canada, and do not have access to internet of modern standard. This has held back my launch and development. But I think soon this will change. What I don’t see changing is my drive to be social and creative. I am quite a bit older than most community, I am closing on 40, so I also like to host and organize events and other media and content. I could see myself advancing in this direction quite a bit. But I do follow a code of self-conduct, that I will always want to be a threatening and competent player within any game that I would comment on.


Do you have any favorite cards/combos you like to pull off and get that feeling of it never gets old to you?


I’m not sure about Combos, but I do have some cards I particularly enjoy. I would like to take a moment now to praise the greatest card of all time – Cyclops. I always like this card, even when it was much worse by being locked to melee row. I always like that it could provide Monsters with flexible removal damage, as they often do not have access to it. In addition to be able to grab the amount you need to cleanly kill your targeted enemy engine, you will ideally do this with a Deathwish unit anyway, doing so will provide u with the deathwish payoff, and also create another very tall target for your opponents removal, like consuming does.

I am chuckling as I write this. Because recall a match a couple months ago, where my short round 3 ended me with hand of Miruna, Succubus, and Cyclops. My opponent opens with Nauzicca Sergeant. I floated the Miruna, hoping to kill one unit and kidnap another he might play next, but he removes my Miruna. Then I play the Succubus. Well he did not want to kill her. I don’t remember his last play, but it ended with the Cyclops firing the Succubus at the sergeant, then coming back without a scratch. That Sergeant was falling to one of those girls, and my Cyclops knew it from the start. LUL


What was one game/series from the Masters that you really enjoyed or you noticed lines of play that you personally never saw?


Well obviously I was quite disappointed for Tailbot’s unfortunate roll which resulted in him facing an opponent that was bringing a hard target for what his own lists were doing. As much I had grown to admire Lifecoach, it never softens the blow when two people you admire must compete against one another.

I did enjoy Kolemoen’s confident bleed while down 2 cards that was immediately met with such fiery scrutiny from many spectators yet proved to be calculated and correct.

I also enjoyed FreddyBabe’s use of Anna, and using her to allow Nilfgaard to beat Northern Realms with a Farmer from the acquired Uprising leader ability. that “CountryStrong” for the Lifecoach fans, or simply the official name “Lyrian Scytheman” for anyone else.


If you could live in the Witcherverse who would you be and why? You could be any person from a famous character that we all know or a simple person that left an impression on you from the games/books.


This is a quite curious question. Perhaps I am one of the characters that does fit easily into one side or another. I prefer to judge others on my own, and give everyone an opportunity to be whoever they want to be. I enjoy how Geralt does not often jump on one side of a conflict and fight for it, but rather tries to mitigate collateral damaged from such conflicts. Often he is a liaison for diplomacy, and this objective perspective also allows him to identify any possible greater evils that can exist around conflicts trying to capitalize on vulnerabilities left by the chaos. or conduct investigation the reveals the even more nefarious source of evil orchestrating the entire conflict itself LUL.

With that in mind, I would be a Sorcerer originally from Skellige, who currently resides and works mostly within the Nilfgaardian Empire – when it is not too warm of course. He is quite fascinated with Mutagens, as he seems to have some slight mutations himself; in fact he is a lycanthrope, a werewolf. He underwent some magical treatments when young. He is bound to Nilfgaardian Vampires. It’s not exactly clear whether they are his oppressor or his savior. But this has allowed him to make connections with schools of both Witcher and magicians. His primary focus is his study, and this is enabled by him maintaining profitable employ through useful connections.

Ahhh yes, now I shall begin my novel. Kappa


Have you ever watched the Witcher Netflix series and what were your opinions on it if you have?


Yes, it was quite nice. It was not mind blowing, nor was it sad or annoying or anything. I am actually – decently excited – for season 2. 🙂


You said you played Valheim how is that game and is it a nice break to play from Gwent?


This is a very satisfying and relaxing game. I am on a very larger server – VaLNGOS Comfy Server (Valheim Large Network Game Object Server Suite) which can operate 1000+ player slot server. It is the exact opposite of Gwent. Very low in stress and excitement


What are your initial impressions of the new cards from Price of Power first set?


I enjoy the Aesthetics in Nilfgaard and Monsters. Also NR’s new cards are just wonderful. Gerhart, Istredd, Ban Ard, Aretuza Adept, and Casting Contest are absolutely delightful. As well as Dead Man’s Tongue and “the Piggy”. Also the Megascope and the Teleport exist… right? ehhh, ehhhh! That voice line combination when I play Blightmaker… Kreygasm LUL


Do you have any advice for new players that you feel you wish you knew back when you started?


Ummm yes. I think a new player should match up with an experienced one. It’s great to work with them to develop and understand the bigger mechanics of the game. I think that’s better than having 10 conflicting voices all blabbing in chat LUL.

That being said, I don’t know think it is optimal to just have a pro backseat completely. The initial stages of Gwent are optimized by a new player doing incorrect things, so they may witness and experience what can happen, what went wrong, and why. This is also good for the “coacher” to have access to the new line of thinking. But none of this should ever take anything significant out of fun. As we must enjoy that game to play it, and the first month is probably the most fun LUL


I’m curious to know do you have any exciting ideas to share for some decks you want our readers to play or even meme with on ladder.


Yes but they may need to hunt me down further to find closer access to my mind hehehe. I would say to try out Inspired Zeal NR Witchers Adepts with King Roegner, Crach an Craite with Eist, Coral, the Defender, and Sukrus LUL oh and also u can Lippy Portal btw. Just an FYI. Portal is such a staple in Syndicate. Love that card KEKW


Do you plan on making YT content or even dare we say writing articles for the team in the future?


Absolutely. And if people want me to all they need to do is encourage me, and I will become like a machine doing this. I think as soon as I get a place in the city and have internet better than a Caveman, things will grow quite quickly


Before I let you go where can you be found for those who may not have discovered you yet? Do you have any social media accounts for our readers and fans to keep updated on when you want to share something exciting?


I’ve not grown into a frequent Tweeter yet, but I would announce things on twitter @
in addition u can find my Twitch channel @ and my quite sad YouTube @


I have personal Discord Server – in addition to being on the Team Legacy server. And before I give up my home address I will conclude this portion with my Challonge community where I sometimes host tournaments or leagues.


You said you were on someone stream the other day and did a tier list of the cards any chance for those who didn’t see it you could share the list?


Ahhh yes, was invited by Patsy1998 who is at to share thoughts on the first Price of Power release, the day before it dropped. This has past by now, so you may need to catch me on the next one.