After hosting 6 Gwent tournaments this summer Legacy wanted to introduce the Legacy Gaming League. The Legacy Gaming League is going to start off this fall by hosting a Gwent and a Dota Underlords League. The idea behind hosting leagues rather than short tournaments is to be able to be more free willing with when matches can be played as well as being able to create long term narratives for the league which can be more interesting for fans. The idea behind having the Legacy Gaming League is to focus on expanding the growth of the competitions that Legacy hosts. Having bigger more hyped up tournaments we believe is more healthy not only for the Legacy Gaming League, but for the individual players in the tournaments as well.

We are also working on creating content out of the competitive matches that will be played in the Legacy Gaming League (LGL). Although we want to make matches as easy to play in as we possibly can, we would also like to get broadcasts of the games for the more casual audience. With this we hope to bring more support and awareness to the LGL which can help allow us to offer more prizes and expand into other games.

Announcements for the Fall Season of Legacy Gaming League will be made sometime this coming week.