ReynevanGK is creating a YouTube series, where he picks up one of our competitive Gwent players, who leads him through the most important strategies with one of the meta decks. We decided to write an article as a quick look-up for the most important strategies.

Deck & Video

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Today we have a Congregate Gord list. The base concept of this deck got created around 2 months ago. It’s an unusual SY deck, which doesn’t really rely on getting coins. It is also very strong when played on a red coin due to the possibility of generating a huge tempo with Portal followed by Novigradian Justice and other crimes. This one is a bit refined version created by iluxa228.

Basic game plan

The main combo in this deck is combining Whoreson Senior with our leader. From leader we get 3 coins needed to use tribute and 3 2-point bodies which are a good transform target.

This deck capitalizes on playing as many specials as we can (especially crimes). We have good engines (like Portal, Sir Skewertooth or Whoreson Senior), which can generate a lot of points if not answered. On red we aim at winning on even overwhelming our opponent with our engines (we are holding Whoreson Senior for r2/r3 as it is a play we combine with leader) and bleeding r2. The blue coin is a bit trickier as we’d like to win r1 but with spending as little amount of our engines as possible. If we succeed at winning r1 we can split our engines between 2 rounds for a more explosive short round with Harald Gord

Harald Gord is usually reaching around 13 points, which makes him an amazing finisher. Greater Brothers are good for catching up with our opponent (we should play it later into the round, at best after our opponent passes, if we want to play it earlier we should try to play around our opponent’s damage with fee). 

Advanced Tips

Portal has an additional synergy with Assault– it plays 2 Salamandra units, so our Assault deal 6 damage

Tavern Brawl can have some surprise value, we can also try removing a unit to make it bigger (eg. in setup 7 3 4, we can remove 3 with our 4 damage card and have 4 duel 7)

-you can deny Azar Javed tribute in order to get Sir Skewertooth tribute

-remember to play Congregation when you have no coins!

-with Excommunication it is possible to play 2 crimes in one turn so we should prioritize playing it when we have all of our engines settled up

Card Considerations

Avallac’h– good value, plays for 11 points+1 on Harald Gord

Other specials (especially crimes)