The first edition of the Gwent World Cup by Team Aretuza is the perfect time to look a little bit deeper into the national aspect of Gwent. However, we are not going to analyze here the chances of particular teams, but rather dive into the data available at Gwent Masters Ratings website, to provide a general picture. What is the percentage of Polish/Russian/Chinese… players on Pro Ladder? How popular Gwent is in different countries? At which time of the day Gwent is played most? Which nations plays at which daytime? If you are looking for answers to these questions and like graphs and data as much as every geek – welcome!

Main Nations of Gwent and relative popularity

Main Nations

Let’s have a look at the final results of the Season of the Bear in Gwent Masters Season 2. We will take exactly 2860 top players into consideration, as this is the exact cutoff for data provided on Gwent Masters website.

We restricted ourselves here to Top10 countries only to make the graph more vivid. China and Russia dominate the field by far. Poland keeps safe 3rd place. US tops American continent with number of players is comparable to Germany and Ukraine.

Gwent Popularity

While absolute numbers clearly describe the size of national Gwent communities, it also simply scales with countries population, with China being typical example. It is very interesting then to make relative statistics too – a kind of “Gwent player per capita” graph ;-). It would bring additional information on Gwent popularity in different countries.

It could be roughly said, that Gwent is twice as popular in Poland as in other countries, even when it comes to competitive play. Moreover, Top4 positions are occupied by Slavic countries: Poland, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine , which probably stems from the Slavic character of The Witcher universe in general. The fifth position is claimed by Finland, with distinctive advantage over next countries (based on the graph it could be even said that Gwent is twice as popular in Finland as in Germany!)

Continents and Timezones

We will move into the current season – Season of the Elves in Gwent Masters 2 as some live data will be needed soon. Obviously, in the middle of the season, hardly grinding players are overrepresented, which also means that the main countries are overrepresented. Nevertheless, have a look, as it also gives some additional information.

Apparently, Russia tries to overtook China in Gwent – we will see at the end of the season if they succeed. Translating these data into generalized Timezones, we have:

The nations of the Old Continent (including Russia) outweigh USA and China, when took together. Playing in the hours of CEST afternoon, the chances to find opponent are highest. We will analyze this in details in the following section.

Nations and Daytime – dynamic analysis

Comparing the number of matches in 1h intervals, it is possible to measure how many games are played by different countries at the particular daytime. Let’s have a look at the results of such analysis for 4 representative countries: Russia, China, Poland and US. Russia is the biggest country in the World, smeared over different timezones, but with advantage of European (Moscow) part. China is representative of Asia, Poland is a typical European country and United States stand for Americas.

Let’s analyze the graph timewise. From 0 to 3am, the percentage of American players is relatively high. Then from 4am to 9am, Asia takes the lead, while the number Americans stays almost the same up to 7am, and then drops. The number of Asian players remains significant up to 6pm, but since 9am, Europeans wake up, and soon take over the ladder. The evening hours (6pm – 11.59pm) are dominated by European players, but American are also active. At the same time Asians are sleeping.

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