Hello Friends of Gwent! Lerio here. Three months ago I published one of a kind article on the “Nations of Gwent“, with statistics based on Top2860 players in Gwent Masters Ratings in the Season of the Bear. We established main countries in Gwent with respect to the number of pro ladder players, analyzed timezones population, and finally determined when US, Russia, Poland and China players are active during the daytime. The last one was accomplished using dynamic data. As daytime statistics are rather universal, this time i will restrict the analysis only to final data. Nevertheless, A LOT changed since Vol. 1, so expect some surprises!

Data presented here is taken from Top2860 in the Season of the Magic on the Gwent Masters Ratings website. We will start from “Gwent Worldwide” map, which will roughly tell us how strongly different countries are represented in the Pro Ladder circuit. Then we will analyse in details Top10 most represented countries. Finally we will see if quantity=quality, by computing average MMR score of Top4 players for each nation. Enjoy!

Gwent World Map

Fig.1. Number of players from different countries in Top2860 on World Map.

Countries painted in grey are not represented in Top2860, which does not mean there is no Gwent player from these! Also there is at least one country too small to be seen on the map. Close to Madagaskar, there is Reunion island, represented by one player. Logarithmic scale is used to enhance color diversity between weakly represented countries. In this scale 100 means one player and 102 means 100 players. There is grand total of 87 countries represented!

What could be immediately inferred from the map, is that Russia is the most represented country. Do not bother yourself with estimating how green is the green for the main countries, we plot it now!

Top charts

Fig.2. Top10 number of players chart

A lot has changed since the Season of the Bear. China is not Top1 anymore, and Russia lead is overwhelming. Neglecting timezones, roughly 1/4 of your opponents in Top2860 will be Russian! There is over twice as much Russian as Chinese players! Let’s remind ourselves the numbers from Season of the Bear. China: 699, Russia: 563. There is over 100 new Russian players, but the decrease of Chinese representation is even more significant: -367. What could be the reason for such a collapse? I could only suspect coronavirus outbreak in China, and would like to hear from you, what is the real cause. Let’s now see, how quantity translates into quality.

Fig.3. Polska gurom

Poland clearly leads the field with significant advantage thanks to consistent performance of players like Tailbot, Pajabol and Kams. Famous Polish hospitality. The scores in general correlates strongly with the number of players. However, US is out of the chart, because many of its top players dropped the season (Gorflow is actually 5th US player with his 100 games placements). Also Italy and France are out of the chart, and Japan, Korea and Austria (World Champions) are in.

Summary and sources

The main conclusion to derive from these stats is that Gwent is very diservsed and wide spread in the World when it comes to nationalities. It seems that we currently witness a kind of Gwent boom in Russian community. РУССКИЕ ВПЕРЁД! At the same time, the country where Gwent and The Witcher were born – Poland, defends itself with the quality of its top players, while being surpassed in number by Russia and China.

If you would like to explore detailed stats scrapped from Gwent Masters website in .xlsx format, feel free to dm me on Discord. I plan two more ‘stats’ articles in the nearest future. The next one may surprise you, so stay tuned!


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