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The History of MiniGwent

About the MiniGwent we heard for the first time, when Geralt was travelling through the Land of Thousand Fables. By a lucky accident, he came across three Dwarfs: Mounty, Flatty and Tweeny, who were sitting on the top of a great toadstool, drinking rainwater from acorn caps. They seemed to discuss something with great attention:

                – I tell you guys, no reason to debate. Dopey kicks ass in the third round – quacked Mounty

                – How do you even hold onto third round?!- outraged Flatty

                – Oh, come on, they always pass in the second round, and then it is bread and butter – said Mounty waving his hand

                Geralt felt that this discussion is somehow familiar to him. “Dwarvies addicted too… damn it”  – thought Geralt. Feeling how this encounter may evolve, he pretended to be a novice.

                – Excuse me Gentlemen for interruption, what are you talking about? – said Geralt inconfidently

                – Who are you? – asked Mounty staring at the Witcher

                – Geralt of Rivia – retorted laconically – Witcher, monster killer

                – Ah… I understand… I suspect you spent your life swinging sword left and right… – scoffed Mounty – we are talking about MiniGwent. Never heard, ya?

                – I’ve heard a bit… – answered Geralt – is that the game with three rows…?

                – One row! – said Tweeny sitting on the edge of toadstool – how would you fit three rows on a toadstool, huh?

That’s how it all began… Soon Geralt learned the basic rules of MiniGwent. He also looked into the deck of each Dwarf. They just could not stop themselves from boasting about their decks advantages.

– So… to sum up… i start with… – Geralt acted like a complete newbie  

 – We will show you everything. It is really a great game. I will start, so that you can see how to play. You will do the same, boys? – Flatty babbled with excitement and the rest nodded their heads.

„Triple red-coin… amateurs” – thought Geralt, while preparing a deck in his head

How did Geralt build his deck, and how did the games look like? (if your comment pretend to contain solution or any clue, start it with spoiler stars)

Cards were made using Gwent Card Generator ( application. Dwarf arts are of course taken from Disney‘s Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs ” from 1937 – still my most beloved Disney movie.

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  1. ***Spoiler Alert***
    (unless I read the question wrong. or completely missed something else obvious. which is very is very plausible)
    ***Here goes***
    I believe Geralt builds his deck 2-3-4

    Mounty must open with a 1. to which Geralt can simply play his 3. And then bleed with either of his cards in r2. In any other play by Mounty, Geralt simply takes his Pass, and wins the other 2 rounds.

    Against Flatty, obvious Flatty opens with a 3 (kek). Geralt can then play his 4. If Flatty passes, then Geralt dry passes r2 and wins r3 5-3. If Flatty plays a second card in r1 for 6, then Geralt plays his 3 and wins r1 7-6. Geralt dry passes r2 which leaves Flatty no cards for r3 and he loses r3 2-0.

    Tweeny can open with a 1, to which Geralt plays his 2. If Tweeny plays his 4, Geralt plays his also, putting him up 6-5. That’s a dry pass to win.
    If Tweeny opens with the 4, Geralt simply passes r1. At most Tweeny can try to 2-0 him. But Geralt can just play his 2 and his 4 in r2, winning r3 with his 3. Even if Tweeny was to dry pass, Geralt can secure r2 with his 2, and win r3 with his 3 and his 4, putting his 7 points to Tweeny’s 5.

    Baron Grimswald